Airdrops, which are distributed to increase interest in crypto projects, to motivate investors, or to gain control over the coin’s market price, raise questions for many people as they provide risk-free crypto earnings. After all, in this age where almost everything is about money, there should be no surcharges, right? We’ll talk to you about this too, don’t worry!

One of the best ways to get previously unused cryptocurrencies without having to spend or invest your own money, Airdrops are an effective marketing tool for developers. However, Airdrops are not just for marketing or advertising purposes, they also help crypto holders to build their cryptocurrency portfolio with little or no risk. Ready to learn what crypto airdrops are and all about crypto airdrops? So let’s get started!


  • Crypto airdrops are a type of marketing strategy that offers free assets to investors or lucky enthusiasts in a project.
  • Crypto airdrops, which can be used both to attract people to the crypto project and indirectly to provide liquidity, offer a good start to make people talk about the related coin. 
  • There are five types of airdrops: standard airdrop, bounty airdrop, exclusive airdrop, hard fork airdrop, and holder airdrop.

What is Crypto Airdrop?

Crypto airdrops can be distributed regularly as a policy to reward the investors of a project, or they can be used as a one-time strategy to raise awareness of a new startup. This method can also be used for community building, as communities (especially those gather around Telegram groups) are effective in creating a market impression of that blockchain-based technologies.

Later, as the community becomes more popular and the project starts to have a higher market cap, these free tokens will increase in value and people will be able to sell these cryptocurrencies whenever they want. The buying and selling processes will create a transaction volume, enable the coin to be talked about in the community, and this whole process will become an active advertising strategy.

Moreover, remember that crypto airdrops do not necessarily have to be given before or at the beginning of a project. For example, a DAO may announce that at the end of each year, it will airdrop the profits from the project to token holders in proportion to the volume of their assets. This will become an incentive for users to hold the token, helping to prevent price fluctuations.

To whom and to what extent the airdrops are distributed may depend on specific conditions. For example, those who own certain wallets, trade at a certain volume within a specified period, or hold a specified number of tokens for a certain period of time can receive airdrops. These are sets of rules that the relevant project can determine.

A Brief History of Crypto Airdrops

The case of Aurora – The first cryptocurrency airdrop in history was conceived as Auroracoin and took place in 2014, giving people free coins. Since it was designed as Iceland’s national cryptocurrency, Auroracoin was able to make official use of Iceland’s national records. It was decided to airdrop half of the total supply of the AUR on the market to the public. Moreover, in order for the public to receive an airdrop of 31.8 AUR, they only had to register. Although this is a very valuable move to make financial processes sustainable in the country with cryptocurrency, Auroracoin did not catch the rise it had planned.

Stellar – Although Auroracoin launched the first cryptocurrency airdrop, it didn’t take long for other airdrops to happen, moreover, these later airdrops were not different from Auroracoin’s airdrops in terms of size and popularity, they were at least as successful. The company, called the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), was founded on a commitment to distribute nineteen percent of the supply of the newly minted XLM cryptocurrency to people who own Bitcoin. This program, which started as planned in 2016, thanks to the participation of many exchanges in this business, three billion XLM was given to the people who own Bitcoin for the first time, and it was observed whether the program was working or not. After the program worked, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) company distributed the remaining sixteen billion XML cryptocurrencies in proportion to the Bitcoin they owned, thanks to other exchanges where users participated. Naturally, having such large amounts of cryptocurrencies for free, as a total of nineteen billion XLMs were issued, has caught the attention of even news sites and news channels that are not interested in cryptocurrencies.

Why Are Airdrops So Popular?

Crypto airdrops simply mean free tokens for buyers. Users who have free tokens store them, taking into account the possibility that the tokens will increase in value over time and aim to earn large amounts of money from them. Crypto airdrops are one of the best ways to start trading crypto without investing any amount, as you don’t have to pay anything to start this business.

Although many free tokens do not yield huge amounts of money, there are also many airdrops that are quite lucrative. Uniswap (UNI), one of the most popular Decentralized exchanges using the Ethereum blockchain technology, has issued certain native tokens to anyone transacting on its platform. To get these tokens, it would be enough for the people on the platform to take any action even if it failed. The number of tokens Uniswap minted locally and distributed to its users was four hundred. Although it is a small amount, many accounts have taken action to increase the value of this token to $2. Uniswap’s native token has surged like never before, becoming a recently traded token for around twenty-six dollars. The subsequent valuation of such free tokens has also occurred in other airdrop actions by 1Inch and Ontology.

There is a need for the liquidity that startups’ crypto projects should acquire and that will determine the future of the project. Besides the need for liquidity, a certain number of people also make it easy for the crypto project to work. Crypto airdrops, which can be used both to attract people to the crypto project and indirectly to provide liquidity, offer a good start to crypto projects. Considering that many crypto projects create awareness thanks to airdrops, this method is a very good method to earn investment. With this method, you do not need to lock your money by staking or investing by cloud mining and physical mining, it becomes possible to earn crypto money.

How to Be Eligible for A Crypto Airdrop?

If you want to own a cryptocurrency without any risk, you should consider the options that can earn you the crypto airdrop. Airdrops, which are usually offered to long-term holders of a particular base currency, are not the only way to distribute free assets to users. Let’s look at other methods together:

  • By websites specializing in crypto airdrops and subscribing to their email newsletters, you will receive regular notifications about crypto airdrops. Since these notifications are similar to receiving promotions from a store whose newsletter you subscribe to, getting information from these websites may be more beneficial than you think.
  • Start researching hashtags on social media platforms and see if there is any new news or information about these hashtags. Let’s add that the hashtags you should definitely look at are #airdrop and #cryptoairdrop.
  • Sign up for multiple platforms with different blockchains offering different services and different products as subscribing to a single cryptocurrency service and platform will limit you. Be sure to check the notifications, news, and updates on these platforms, and write down the information you get. If there is an upcoming crypto airdrop, make sure you meet the requirements and mark the dates of the airdrop on a physical or digital calendar.
  • Be sure to follow the news bulletins, websites, and news portals related to cryptocurrencies to get information about crypto airdrops that will take place in the near future. Let’s add that in some cases, crypto forums may also contain information about crypto airdrops.

As crypto airdrops deliver native tokens to many people, the demand for these tokens will increase, and after the crypto airdrop ends, the value of the tokens may decrease like never before. For this reason, you should be careful that the impression created by the airdrops is not a false growth impression, and you should consider other factors when evaluating how valuable the tokens you get from the crypto airdrop are. Let’s reinforce this with an example. A startup crypto project has distributed hundreds of thousands of local tokens to people, but these tokens are almost never used. There are two reasons why tokens in a project are not used, either the project is a scam or it has not been a viable success for the crypto community.

An important note: If you want to participate in crypto airdrops and you want to receive certain tokens from crypto airdrops, make sure you have a crypto wallet. Since it is not possible to deliver any token from the airdrop to a person who does not have a wallet, receiving or requesting airdrops is not possible in the absence of a crypto wallet. Users need to make use of one of the various crypto wallets to store their funds and store their digital assets, one of the most popular wallets, MetaMask is our recommendation.

In Which Ways Do Airdrops Work?

The reasons for crypto money projects and crypto users benefiting from airdrops are based on advertising, value increase, and time sensitivity. Let’s examine these important features of airdrops in more detail:

Airdrops can be used for advertising purposes.The majority of crypto projects start out as very small projects in the initial phase and gradually build up to a larger community. However, many startups can find it difficult to gain a large community afterward, so crypto airdrops are used to advertise these crypto projects. Crypto projects may announce airdrops to increase the value of their cryptocurrencies and to attract more attention to the project. In other words, this purpose of the use is an example of airdrops being used for advertising purposes.
With airdrops, you can increase the value of key cryptocurrencies.If you want to increase the value of a base cryptocurrency or even temporarily inflate it, one of the great things you can do is take advantage of airdrops. The criterion of having any tokens for the purpose of getting any free tokens will help both users and owners of crypto projects. After all, both parties benefit from free stuff, why not use this method?
Airdrops are time-sensitive and you should keep your base money for an extended period of time.Many crypto projects may impose conditions such that you must own a base cryptocurrency for a certain period of time to distribute their airdrops. Once the airdrop is complete and you have the cryptocurrency you want from the airdrop, you will not need to hold the cryptocurrency you must hold and you will be able to sell the base cryptocurrency. Since the value of cryptocurrencies is dependent on supply and demand, the value of the underlying cryptocurrencies that increase during the airdrop even falls below their previous value as soon as the airdrop is concluded. For this reason, it is highly recommended to sell your underlying cryptocurrency as soon as the airdrop is over.

Why Your Project Should Benefit From Crypto Airdrops?

We talked about why you should take advantage of the crypto money airdrops used in crypto money projects, in general terms. In this topic, we will talk about why you should benefit from cryptocurrency airdrops from the eyes of a crypto project owner.

Generate excitement for your new projects.

Most of the latest Initial Coin Offerings fall under the radar if they fail to generate any reaction in the cryptocurrency market, reducing the value of the project in the cryptocurrency market. People who want to invest using airdrop can be interested in these tokens, and enough hype can be created. A cost-effective marketing campaign can be created with airdrop, which is the most suitable advertisement you can give.

Manage your project’s token supply.

Owners of local tokens in the most successful crypto projects in the cryptocurrency market are often scattered all over the world, and these projects have become so popular because the owners of local tokens are spread over such diverse and wide geography. So the more people buy a project’s native tokens, the more successful your crypto project will be. Also, people who own the tokens of your crypto project will contribute to solving problems of lack of supply and liquidity that could affect the market value of those tokens.

Build databases of valuable leads.

If you have a crypto project, you already know that that crypto project should have a certain audience, you may need to advertise in order to have this audience. By using airdrop, you can both get yourself, and new potential customers, by advertising and generating leads. You can get many people and potential investors who will increase the value of your campaign in future campaigns.

Reward loyal crypto investors and people who invest in your project.

The people who make up the cryptocurrency community like to be rewarded for making an early commitment to owning new cryptocurrency tokens. Helping you get tokens at low prices in the hope of increasing their value in the future, airdrops attract and attract early-stage investors who want to acquire tokens at low prices and then sell them at higher prices.

Do Crypto Airdrop and Initial Coin Offering Mean the Same?

Crypto airdrop and initial coin offering, which supports and includes new crypto money projects, do not have the same meaning and have many different aspects. For example, a crypto airdrop requires only participants, while an initial coin offering requires a specific community of people to invest. A project team working for an Initial coin offering must try to sell the project’s tokens to those investors in order to obtain funds from the investors, but all the tokens distributed in the crypto airdrops project are distributed completely free of charge and with absolutely no fee is charged to the users to whom these tokens are given.

The Initial Coin Offering is a method that was first started on Ethereum. Although the initial purpose of this system was to raise money from the masses to support the development of Ethereum, this action, which was made in 2014, has recently been used for other projects.

What is the Difference Between Automatic and Manual Airdrop?

In the manual airdrop, where you will follow crypto project developers on social media and share some posts on social media, you may sometimes be asked to participate in a survey and fill out some online forms. Although these may seem like a daunting task, they certainly don’t take much of your time. Considering that he will eventually have a free token, it’s definitely worth your time.

Automatic airdrops are an action that happens if you have a crypto wallet that you actively hold cryptocurrencies in, and you definitely need a crypto wallet to take advantage of these airdrops. Having a crypto wallet and having your preferred wallet have software that can hold ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain will be enough to take advantage of automatic airdrops. Be sure to choose a good exchange like Binance, Bittrex, or Coinbase as many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies tend to store their cryptocurrencies on a particular cryptocurrency exchange. The reason why we give these exchanges as an example is that these exchanges are well-known, have a certain audience, reliable and respected crypto money exchanges.

What are the Different Airdrop Types?

The way you can get airdrops, which can happen in a different way, varies according to the type of airdrop. If you want to take advantage of an airdrop, but if you do not know what type it belongs to, you may not be able to benefit from that airdrop, and you may waste your time thinking that you will benefit from it. There are five types of airdrops: standard airdrop, bounty airdrop, exclusive airdrop, hard fork airdrop, and holder airdrop.

Airdrop TypesFeatures
Standard AirdropIt is quite easy to get free tokens with the standard airdrop. If you want to get a token, you have to sign up for it when you are given a predetermined newsletter or something similar.
Bounty AirdropBounty airdrops require users to perform a fairly simple and time-consuming task to earn coins from airdrops, often involving social media tasks like retweeting something, sharing an Instagram post, tagging a few friends to that post you created, and joining a telegram group. After completing these tasks, you will both earn tokens for free and the crypto project will be able to advertise at the desired level. To claim your bounty after meeting the terms of the bounty airdrop, you may need to fill out a form with your wallet address and attach proof of your own performance of the tasks. After filling out the required form, your free token will be automatically deposited into your crypto wallet.
Exclusive AirdropsDesigned for people who have and continue to have a long history with a specific website or community, Exclusive Airdrops are used to send cryptocurrency to designated wallets only. For example, a project called Uniswap, a cryptocurrency exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain, gave its users two thousand five hundred UNI tokens to each user in September 2020. Although the price of these tokens corresponded to one thousand two hundred dollars at that time, Uniswap did not have any conditions for issuing these tokens, the only reason for these tokens was that these users had been using Uniswap for a certain period of time. Since there are many crypto exchanges and crypto money projects that reward their users in this way, you should not forget to follow the current news of the projects and exchanges you are involved in.
Hard Fork AirdropWhen a coin is forked from the original blockchain platform, a new coin has to be created. When a new cryptocurrency is created, the money in the wallets of the people who have the old crypto money is become meaningless for the new chain, and the users receive the new coin equivalent to their assets. We can easily say that the best-known example of this is Bitcoin Cash, which took place in 2017. At the time of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork of that year, Bitcoin users who had Bitcoin in their wallet automatically got BCH equivalent to their Bitcoin without any transaction.
Holder AirdropHolder holder airdrop allows people with a certain amount of cryptocurrencies in their wallets to have free tokens. As an example of airdrops, Holder gave free tokens to users in some cases when a new project was created on any of the blockchains on the EOS and Ethereum platforms. These free tokens are native tokens owned by completely new projects created on the EOS and Ethereum blockchains, not as hard forks as the original cryptocurrencies. In order for Holder Airdrop projects to take place, the crypto project team that will run the airdrop application usually takes a snapshot of the crypto assets and wallets owned by the users at a predetermined date and time. If the crypto wallets owned by the users contain enough crypto money to meet the minimum requirement, users can get free tokens according to the amount of crypto money they have and hold the tokens they own. In order to have large communities, new projects launched on platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum distribute their own tokens by airdropping their own tokens to Bitcoin, Ether, or BSC wallet owners. As an example, we can give the airdrop of the Stellar Lumens Foundation in 2016. In 2016, the Stellar Lumens Foundation distributed 3 billion XLM in total to people who have a Bitcoin wallet, making it one of the largest crypto airdrops in history.

Why So Much Importance Is Given to Crypto Airdrops?

With Airdrops, where you can sell the new cryptocurrency you have in case of any negative situation, at worst, you will have a new and free token that remains in your virtual wallet and is useless. Although the airdrops are generally not very successful, in the best case, you can make a serious profit as a result of the appreciation of the free cryptocurrency in your hand and you can benefit from the crypto airdrops with a proud result.

You still need to be careful about these tokens, which you can get by spending a small fraction of your time, as you may encounter some fake crypto airdrops. We can say that many fake Twitter accounts have been created using the official company name of a popular cryptocurrency and these scammers are acting as a developer team. The way these accounts scam you is by telling you that you need to give your wallet key to take advantage of airdrops. If you have been to a crypto airdrop before, you already know that to take advantage of a crypto airdrop, you need to have your wallet code, not your wallet key. If you encounter such a situation, no matter which social media platform you experience this situation on, immediately write an article on the official social media account and talk about the fraud.

We mentioned that people who want to defraud you through their social media accounts want your wallet keys, then there is another fraud method. This method consists of fake accounts that instruct you to send cryptocurrencies to a specific wallet address to get the free token. Since the official developer of a crypto project will never get coins from you, if you encounter such a situation, report these accounts to the official account of the social media platform where you can be defrauded and do not allow other people to be defrauded.

Are Crypto Airdrops Risky? What Are Crypto Airdrop Scams?

When it comes to making free money, most people do not suspect it because they can get that money no matter what, and they see it as a short day’s gain. However, this needless trust of people makes crypto airdrops susceptible to hackers and phishing. Crypto airdrops can be quite risky due to increased hacking and identity theft as people don’t think about the consequences of their actions to earn free money.

Many hackers create crypto airdrops that are not authentic and can access users’ private information in order to lure people and users who want to invest in cryptocurrencies. Crypto wallet owners using these airdrops will not be aware of anything. Hackers, on the other hand, collect all the data they can use to illegally access and steal crypto wallets through these crypto airdrops. Before participating in any crypto airdrop, check whether the account that published the statement is the official account and make sure to research its reliability. In addition, you may be asked for personal information or paid to participate in some airdrops. Remember that airdrops are just free token distribution apps, so stay away from any website that asks for your payment or personal information.

Crypto Airdrop Scam

If you are going to work with and monitor airdrops, you will need to protect yourself against airdrop scams and defend yourself against scams. These airdrop scams can be described as creating fake airdrops and accessing your wallet information as a result of these airdrops, stealing your wallet password, or throwing crypto assets into some crypto wallets. One thing to remember is that you shouldn’t tie your wallet to an untrusted party and you should never give your private key anywhere. In some cases, it may even be the case that scammers can throw a fake token into your crypto wallet and you may not realize that the token is fake until you sell that token. If you want to be included in an airdrop, be sure to first review the leadership of the crypto project that will carry out the crypto airdrop you want to be involved in, then read the public documents of that project and gauge the feelings of other people investing in the crypto project.

How do you prevent airdrop scams?

Understanding whether a crypto airdrop was initiated legally or fraudulently can be difficult for both experienced and inexperienced crypto investors. Especially if you have been asked to link your wallet to any website, you should research how reliable that website and the crypto project providing the crypto airdrop are, before participating in that airdrop. Sometimes it is possible for scammers to send you random coins and these coins do not get any value. In addition, it is possible that the tokens sent to you are infected and your wallet may be locked and seized when you want to transfer the tokens in your hand to another platform.

Crypto airdrop scammers may direct you to a website set up to be a phishing app. This website, for which you have to register to be included in the Airdrop, will be in a form very similar to the original website, but this website will not be the website you think it is, it will be a trap website created to steal your information. As soon as you connect your wallet to this internet and give the required approvals, your crypto money and crypto assets will be stolen from your crypto wallet without your consent. The sharing of the airdrops required for this theft usually happens on Twitter and Telegram accounts that are fake and appear to be official accounts.

Some crypto airdrop scams involve sending cryptocurrencies to a specific account. These crypto airdrop scams start with the promise that a certain token will be given to you for free, then you are told that if you send crypto to a certain website or a certain crypto wallet, you will automatically receive the free token. In this case, if you send certain crypto assets from your crypto wallet to another crypto wallet, you will not be able to get those crypto coins back and you will allow another person to steal your crypto coins with your own consent. Crypto airdrops of crypto money projects that are legal and do not contain any fraud do not make any demands from you, such as your crypto money or crypto wallet password. Since this method is usually done through direct messages to you or e-mails to your e-mail address, you should pay attention to all airdrop e-mails and direct messages that come to you, and if possible, you should not listen to these notifications.

To avoid crypto airdrop scams, you can try these methods:

  • Be sure to check the official website of the crypto project that made the crypto airdrop. If this crypto project has official social media accounts, don’t forget to check those accounts. Make a note of all official accounts and all web addresses to check if there really is any crypto activity, and do this check at least twice.
  • If you have any knowledge of the crypto project that performed the crypto airdrop and are not sure what the community of that project is talking about, it would be wise to do some extra research. If you are complaining that you cannot access detailed and sufficient information about the crypto project, you should ignore that crypto airdrop because that crypto airdrop may contain fraud.
  • If you say you want to take advantage of crypto airdrops no matter what and need extra security while doing it, we have a great offer for you to provide both of these. For extra protection, you can secure yourself by creating a new crypto wallet and a customized new email address just to receive crypto airdrop news. With this assurance, the cryptocurrencies in your original crypto wallet will negatively affect the attempts of people trying to steal your identity via crypto airdrop.
  • The most important thing to know about protecting yourself from fake and fraudulent crypto airdrops is that you should not share the keys of your crypto wallets with anyone, no matter what you are promised. While you may not know who is telling the truth, your crypto wallet password is often requested for fraudulent purposes.

The Biggest and Hotters of Crypto Airdrops – 2022

Although crypto airdrops in the cryptocurrency industry have been happening since 2014, there have been a few rather surprising crypto airdrops lately. The names of the crypto projects of these airdrops are OpenDao, Gas DAO, and LookRare. Let’s examine these examples in detail:

DecredDecred, which set out with the vision of producing a new generation cryptocurrency that works completely anonymously in the crypto world, announced the news of the airdrop on Twitter on 15 December 2015. The campaign continued until 16 January 2016. In total, airdrops were distributed to 3244 applicants. In this campaign, which was distributed to participants from a total of 99 countries, each of the participants who kept the seeds they produced in the designated wallet received an average of 258,93958076 Decreds.
Bitcoin CashBitcoin Cash, which was created with a fork that occurred in the Bitcoin network in August 2017, basically had the following purpose: creating more blocks and faster transactions. Completed on November 15, 2020, this hard fork airdropped 1 BCH for 1 Bitcoin to every user who had Bitcoin in their wallet. In the airdrops offered, the maximum value reached 4300 Dollars.
OysterIn November 2017, there was an airdrop that made users very happy. Each user participating in the Oyster Pearl airdrop received a total of 2227 PRLs. The peak value of the received airdrops reached $11,000.
MinereumReleased in an airdrop in January 2016, Minereum distributed 32,000 MNE tokens to users. While this equated to around $278 when it was distributed, users who had waited long had their treasures totaled to the full $440,000.
StellarTo increase community interest in the token, Stellar distributed $1000 XLM tokens for one BTC to each user holding BTC in their wallet. Participants in this airdrop, which took place in June 2017, shared 19 percent of the total token supply among them. The total distributed token value was $125,000,000.
BittorentBittorent is airdropping rounds to Tron users. The first round started on February 11 in 2019. A total of 10,890,000,000 BTT Tokens were distributed to users in the first round. Even the first round alone made up 1.1% of the total circulating supply. Then 990,000,000 BTT tokens were airdropped on the 11th of each month until February 11 of 2020. The project team continues to increase the amount airdropped each year. Bittorent Airdrop will continue until 2025. That’s why it can be useful to follow the current snapshoot news.
OpendaoRewarding all cryptocurrency holders who have previously traded in the OpenSea NFT market, NFT creators, NFT collectibles, and people who buy or plan to buy NFT, OpenDAO has airdropped SOS tokens, allowing many people to own this token. OpenDAO did not require buyers to register anywhere or complete a task on any website when distributing these tokens, buyers simply had to manually request the tokens by logging into the website. Thanks to this airdrop, the number of users of OpenDAO has exceeded sixty thousand, and people have requested more than one hundred and twenty thousand management tokens.
Gas DAOThe Gas DAO project, which is located on the Ethereum blockchain and sells the GAS token on this platform, also conducted a substantial crypto airdrop. Anyone who paid a transaction fee of $1,500 or more in Ethereum would be able to claim GAS tokens for free. All these users had to do was to log in to the website and request tokens manually. In total, more than fifty-seven thousand people requested the GAS airdrop initiated by Gas DAO, and too many people got this token for free. This token helps people have a say in making decisions in the Gas Decentralized Autonomous Organization on the Ethereum network.
Looks RareThe LOOKS token created by the LookRare team is a token purchased and used by people who want to get a share of the transaction fees generated on this platform. This token was distributed free of charge to users who traded more than 3 ethers on June 16, 2021, and December 16, 2021. In addition to earning income from the LookRare platform, it has also become possible for users to bet on LOOKS to get more coins.

The Best Upcoming Airdrops of 2022!

Curious about the potential upcoming crypto airdrops that will perhaps spawn new millionaires in 2022? Let’s take a look at our special selection together!

Metamask Airdrop 2022: META

With 30 million monthly active users, Metamask is one of the largest crypto wallets in the world. It is known that the annual revenue of the platform is approximately 270 million dollars. Being a web-based wallet makes Metamask a great option for everyone. “icebergy” from Metamask owner Consensys announced that an airdrop must be done by Metamask on November 8 in 2021, by sharing a news about ”Coinbase”. From the tweet conversation between @icebergy_ and co-founder of Ethereum Joseph Lubin, it is thought that this will be done with a new token that will be launched as $MASK. It is useful to stay tuned.

tweets on metamask token

Energy Web

Energy Web, which aims to create a low-carbon emission and eco-friendly energy production process and economy, implied that they are planning to airdrop in a tweet soon. The tweet said that those who hold the Energy Web Token will be rewarded with “more power” in the future. You understand what is meant, don’t you? Walter Kok, one of Energy Web’s partners, almost confirmed an upcoming airdrop by adding the hashtag “#ProofofSnapshot” to a tweet he posted soon after.


Developed as a blockchain-based bridge, Wormhole supports 7 different blockchain networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Oasis, Fantom and Solana. The airdrop that will take place is thought to be over bridge tokens and NFTs. There are various rumors that those who use the cross-bridge functionality over the platform will be eligible for airdrops.

Terra Money

Terra Money is a platform that aims to facilitate money transfers in the DeFI area. On the platform backed by the LUNA cryptocurrency, stable coins are used for payment transactions. Users are advised to do one of the following to be eligible for a potential airdrop expected in 2022:

  • Join the Loop market and trade.
  • Get stable yields by leveraging Orion Money, it becomes part of the ecosystem.
  • Stake Luna.

Having a transaction volume of 566,525,606 since November 2, 2021, ParAllel Finance is working to open the doors of the DeFi world to more people with web3. While users provide transactions such as staking, lending, and borrowing over ParAllel Fi with a completely decentralized infrastructure, it is also possible to perform P2P transactions. Firstly, according to the official website, the first 1600 users who contribute 10+ KSM to the platform will be rewarded with 4000 HKO airdrop. Users need to claim their rewards by coming to the rewards tab on their profiles. Moreover, the reward to be claimed is not limited to the airdrop. Users will be eligible to receive the full KSM contribution, Referral bonus, referee bonus, airdrop, and 2.5% community bonus.

Quarry Protocol

Developed for Solana users, Quarry can be defined as an interface that allows users to launch their own liquidity mines in a decentralized ecosystem. This means more mining programs and a higher volume of transactions within the Solana network. Quarry, which has attracted high interest in a short time, does not currently have a local token. However, the local token is expected to be launched, and it is said that airdrop news will come with the launch. If you want to be eligible for a potential airdrop, deposit and mine an LP token.

Of course, there are many 2022 crypto airdrops to be expected besides the ones described above! Keep following the news constantly!

Are crypto airdrops safe?

Even though crypto airdrops are a system that gives you crypto for free and this makes it seem unreliable, actually crypto airdrops are pretty safe. Crypto airdrops are safe when you don’t transfer any amount from your crypto wallet to someone else’s crypto wallet or share your crypto wallet password.

Is it possible to get rich with crypto airdrops?

Getting rich with crypto airdrops is almost never possible. This is because even if you participate in the airdrops for free and you get crypto for free, the value of the cryptos you get is not that high. It may also never be possible to appreciate the cryptocurrencies you earn from crypto airdrops.

Are crypto airdrops worth the effort?

Crypto airdrops are not worth the effort as you don’t get much out of many crypto airdrops. Since almost all crypto airdrops are only used as a marketing method, it is unlikely that you will earn from crypto airdrops.

Should I trust Telegram crypto airdrops?

No, you cannot trust telegram crypto airdrops. While Telegram has many crypto-airdrop channels, more than half of these airdrops are scams. If you fall for these scams, your information is obtained without your knowledge and sold to the relevant parties for use. Therefore, you should not trust or participate in crypto airdrops other than trusted sites and trusted Telegram channels.