The history of exchange, financial transactions, and central government in the history of humanity continue to be rewritten day by day. Decentralized network technologies, cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain have become the stars of new stories. Well, are there quality art productions that can give information about cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain world, especially to beginners, and explain how the industry works? We have prepared detailed content for you with our Cryptocurrency-related movie recommendations!

Before we start: In this content, we have collected fictional productions, not documentaries: namely serials. Streams can be great tools to understand both the cryptocurrency industry and the origination and development process of any coin. If you’re ready to start, let’s dive in!

Start Up – TV Series

  • IMDB Score: 7.9 / 10
  • Seasons: 3 seasons – 30 episodes
  • Top Cast: Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Martin Freeman, Ron Perlman, Addison Timlin, Reina Hardesty
  • Available platform: Netflix

The series Start Up, which has been published for 3 seasons so far and which you can access from Netflix, forces three different characters, which are very difficult to come together, to work on the same project. The Cuban-American hacker coder, who spent seven years developing the code for a cryptocurrency called GenCoin, has spent years as a gangster and eventually became the first investor of GenCoin, a Haitian-American, and a white-collar who knows the rules of the business world well.

start up movie gallery

While watching the series, you will have the chance to explore the liberating innovations that cryptocurrencies will bring to the financial world, and you will expand your horizons about the platforms that decentralized technologies can offer. Because after the stolen GenCoin project, this crazy team does not stop. They are launching “Araknet”, which they introduce as the new version of DarkWeb, and enable people to use the “next-generation internet” in a decentralized, untraceable, and liberating network.

  • So, how much did GenCoin grow?
  • What were the challenges that such an instrument, which emerged as a competitor to Bitcoin in the world of finance and companies, experienced during its development process?
  • If Araknet is decentralized, how exactly is the information processed? How does the network connecting drug buyers and sellers from anywhere in the world perform data transfer?

Don’t forget to check out the Start-Up series for answers to all these questions!

Unfriended: Dark Web – Movie

  • IMDB Score: 6.0 / 10
  • Duration: 92 minutes
  • Top Cast: Colin Woodell, Stephanie Nogueras, Betty Gabriel

A laptop forgotten in a cybercafe leads a group of young people to meet the decentralized internet network and cryptocurrencies. In the movie, a man named Matias finds the computer and takes it to his home. The actual owner of the computer is named Norah.

Unfriended: Dark Web – Movie

Matias is actually working on a sign language application that will make it easier to understand the internet world for his deaf girlfriend. Meanwhile, Matias encounters e-mails on the laptop he found. E-mails sent from someone named Erica to Noah, who is understood to be the owner of the computer, draw attention. One day, Matias starts a Skype call to video chat with friends Damon, A.J., Lexx, Serena, and Nari, but the computer freezes. As things go on, when Erica asks Matias for her computer, Matias realizes that Erica is actually Norah. After the owner of his computer is revealed, Matias decides to take the computer back to the cyber cafe, but before doing so, he takes one last look at the computer. That’s when he sees the e-mail about the payment Noah received for a video. Curious about the video and the payment, Matias starts meeting with the person who sent the e-mail, Charon68. Matias, whose strange behavior attracts attention, is now on the dark web and his friends notice it.

Matias realizes that Charon is actually Norah, who owns the computer. Videos, on the other hand, are scary and extremely realistic videos of people in danger. But the mail he receives changes everything: Charon68 says he will kill them if they disconnect or report the situation to the police.

The film draws attention to the deep structure of the dark web and financial transactions made with crypto money, showing users that it is possible to perceive an uncontrolled, uncontrolled, and decentralized internet by any government institution.

Decrypted – Movie

  • IMDB Score: 7.6 / 10
  • Duration: 112 minutes
  • Top Cast: Sophia Myles, David Hoflin, Amanda Abbington

Who do you think is the most famous name in the cryptocurrency world? Well, if we talk about the financial part of this business, the popular names may change according to the popular currencies. But basically, Satoshi Nakamoto, who is claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, still maintains his stardom. Here, this movie, which is about two hours long, is about Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto. But don’t worry, it’s not like a documentary, it’s like a real dark comedy.

Decrypted – Movie

Directed by Tom Sands, this movie is about a group of thugs: they kidnap Satoshi Nakamoto and they try to get confidential information about the algorithm of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain network. The main goal of this NSA team is to completely destroy the world of cryptocurrencies by using the information they received from the creator of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

A fun, lively dark comedy that includes profanity and sexuality for those who like to watch movies about the world of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto – Movie

  • IMDB Score: 5.3 / 10
  • Duration: 105 minutes
  • Top Cast: Beau Knapp, Luke Hemsworth, Jill Hennessy

This movie, which makes a Wall Street banker the focal point of the story, becomes really colorful with a person named Earl, who is involved in cryptocurrency mining.

Martin works on a team set up to prevent money laundering on Wall Street. The reports he prepared are of the nature to reveal the money laundering activities of a 7 million dollar company. This causes the company’s CEO to want to fire Martin. However, the head of AML considers Martin’s report very valuable and wants to pursue it.

Crypto – Movie

Marty’s investigation of bank records and money laundering leads him to investigate the gallery. Earl appears exactly at this point. He helps Earl Marty and hacks the galleries’ computers so that the galleries’ data can be obtained more easily and illegally. This hacking reveals a very important piece of information: The bank is actually performing multi-million dollar money laundering. Moreover, the purpose of all these money laundering operations is to cooperate with a deadly Russian gang.

Of course, having this knowledge will cost them dearly. Another friend of Earl Marty’s is killed by the characters Viktor and Nikos along with his work. However, with Earl’s death, evidence of money laundering does not disappear. Because Earl, taking into account all kinds of danger, sent Marty a memory stick containing the evidence in advance. That’s why Ted and his friends start falling for Marty this time.

Events continue as Marty starts mining cryptocurrencies on the farm after Early.

It is a very exciting and fluid movie for those who want to understand the details of the crypto money world and the logic of mining.

Life on Bitcoin – Movie

  • IMDB Score: 7.5 / 10
  • Duration: 96 minutes
  • Top Cast: Beccy Bingham, Austin M. Craig, Charlie Shrem

Cryptocurrencies are a great investment, but are they common enough? Perhaps their biggest obstacle is convincing a large audience to trade and shop using these currencies. Because the more the demand for an object in the financial world, the higher the value and volume of that object.

A newly married couple is also wondering about the answer to this question while they are still on honeymoon. How much can Bitcoin, which has taken the financial world by storm, be used in real life? Many merchants, shopping sites, and more take payments in Bitcoin, and that’s true. But are we talking about a prevalence big enough to live using only Bitcoin?

Life on Bitcoin - Movie

That’s exactly what Austin and Beccy Craig want to know. The couple, who left the current paper money world aside by using only Bitcoin for three months, actually tests the difficulties, advantages, and conveniences of using crypto money. Although this broadcast is referred to as a documentary in some sources, we considered it as a movie because it was shaped around the private life of a couple, and wanted to include it in this list. While watching this movie, you will witness the road trip of the young couple and closely examine the ways of using Bitcoin currencies.

If you are determined enough, it is possible to survive using only Bitcoin. But this also means that you limit yourself considerably when purchasing. It’s time to explore!