The more people invest in cryptocurrencies, the more the cryptocurrency industry will evolve. As people’s investments in cryptocurrencies are increasing, we can easily say that cryptocurrency applications are getting more popular day by day. Choosing a crypto application that will work for you and where you can perform your transactions can be quite challenging for you as it requires you to choose among dozens of crypto applications. But do not worry, in this content, we have listed the best applications that can be preferred by people who are just starting to deal with cryptocurrencies.


  • It is important for people who will just start trading with cryptocurrencies to use applications that are suitable for beginners and to perform their transactions easily.
  • We have included cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto alert tools, social sharing platforms, and more in that ”necessary apps” list.

  • How many different cryptocurrencies does it support: Over 250 cryptocurrencies.
  • How is the transaction fee method and how much is the transaction fee: If you are making your transactions through a card, you will pay a 2.99% transaction fee. The transaction fee you will pay for the transactions you make through is 0.4%.
  • How much is the minimum deposit fee: While the minimum deposit fee is $20 for ACH transfers, it is $5,000 for wire transfers.
  • Is the app paid: No, it is free on both iOS and Android.
  • Does it accept credit card payments: You can use your MasterCard or Visa credit cards and debit cards.

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum using a debit or credit card you can use You can access this application for free on both iOS and Android devices. To buy crypto assets on, where there are more than 250 cryptocurrencies, it will be enough to use a Visa or MasterCard, you should not forget that you will be charged a 2.99% transaction fee for using these cards.

The most important feature of is that it is very easy to create a diversified portfolio in this application since the number of markets it supports is high. Let’s add that this application, which we have just mentioned that debit cards are used, also supports bank transfers to facilitate payment methods.

You pay low fees for transactions you make on’s website is quite difficult to navigate.  
It is a great application for making payments with cryptocurrencies.  While you can join from anywhere in the world, your coins are not universally available.  
You can convert your cryptocurrencies to other cryptocurrencies on and it’s super easy.Poor customer service
You can earn cashback rewards using’s Visa card.Less educational content than necessary
You can earn interest by’s liquidity pools or interest-bearing deposit accounts.   
Your assets are hard to hack as has strong security.   


  • How many different cryptocurrencies does it support: More than 100.
  • How is the transaction fee method and how much is the transaction fee: You have to pay the transaction fee and spread for your transactions.
  • How much is the minimum deposit fee: There is no deposit.
  • Is the app paid: No.
  • Does it accept credit card payments: Yes, you can use PayPal cards for your crypto transactions.

Coinbase is one of the primary applications preferred by people who want to own crypto assets using mobile applications. When using this app, you need to follow the steps that it recommends for you one by one.

To start using the Coinbase app, you must first download the app and then create an account. After this account creation process, Coinbase will ask you for a photo of your passport or driver’s license, and you will have to take this photo via your mobile phone’s camera. After verifying your credentials for the account, questions will appear on the page that will appear on which cryptocurrencies to buy and which payment method to use.

With Coinbase, you can access and transact with more than 100 cryptocurrencies.You will pay higher fees for cryptocurrency exchanges on Coinbase.  
It will be enough to pay a low fee to have a fund account. 
Coinbase guarantees all your crypto assets against the website being hacked. 


  • How many different cryptocurrencies does it support: More than 500 cryptocurrencies.
  • How is the transaction fee method and how much is the transaction fee: You will be charged a 0.1% transaction fee. If you are going to buy crypto assets using your credit card then you have to pay a 4.5% transaction fee.
  • How much is the minimum deposit fee: There is no deposit fee.
  • Is the app paid: No.
  • Does it accept credit card payments: Yes, customers that live in America can use Visa or MasterCard.

Binance is one of the most suitable cryptocurrency applications for people who will actively follow the markets and sell their cryptocurrencies in line with the values of cryptocurrencies or buy new cryptocurrencies. It has three different important features. We can list these features as follows:

  • Binance cryptocurrency exchange allows you to buy and sell more than 500 types of crypto assets, as well as allow you to participate in more than a thousand trading markets.
  • Binance app is one of the best crypto trading apps as it offers the cheapest trading commissions on the market. The maximum amount you will pay per transaction you will make in this application is 0.10%, and you will pay only a 1 dollar transaction fee for a 1000 dollar transaction you have made in Binance. It should also be noted that traders who constantly trade in this application or those who have BNB tokens will pay lower fees.
  • The most important reason why the Binance application is preferred is that this is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume and liquidity. In this cryptocurrency exchange, you don’t need to spend the effort to enter or exit a position at an affordable price, because there is always a place for the position you want.
You can use either non-instant or instant options to purchase cryptocurrencies.Account verification is a must to start using your account. It is also possible to experience a glitch during account verification.  
Binance has a large and rich portfolio of cryptocurrencies.
If you need extra services, Binance will easily offer them to you. 


  • How many different cryptocurrencies does it support: 5. (Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI, USDT, and USDC)
  • How is the transaction fee method and how much is the transaction fee: You do not have to pay any transaction fees in this app, but third-party applications may charge you transaction fees.
  • How much is the minimum deposit fee: It is only $100.
  • Is the app paid: No.
  • Does it accept credit card payments: No. But since you can add your crypto assets through the MoonPay app, you can indirectly upload cryptocurrencies to the Aqru application by credit card.

If you invest your Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrencies in Aqru, your crypto assets will earn you an annual interest of 7%. In addition, unlike other interest-bearing applications, there is no minimum payback period for crypto savings accounts of this application, so you have the freedom to withdraw your digital assets at any time you want, and you will not be penalized for this action. Also, there is no minimum limit you have to pay in order to have the 7% APR payable to you. If you want an annual return of more than 7% choose to deposit one of the stablecoins in the Aqru app, in which case the Aqru app will offer you a 20% interest rate.

The Aqru mobile app, which you can download for free using the Google Play Store or App Store, offers you a very user-friendly interface and is ideal for people who are going to start earning interest with crypto assets as it has a guide to help you. With this application, you will be able to correctly perform the process of earning interest step by step and you will have more detailed information about cryptocurrencies.

The user interface of is very simple and ideal for use.If you want to withdraw your cryptocurrencies, you have to pay a fee of $ 20.’s management system and ownership structure are clearly stated.The number of cryptocurrencies supported by (only 5) is less than many others.
When you invest large amounts in, you will encounter investment rates where you can earn very high returns. 


  • How many different cryptocurrencies does it support: More than 200.
  • How is the transaction fee method and how much is the transaction fee: All transactions will be charged 2%.
  • How much is the minimum deposit fee: It depends on the type of cryptocurrency you use for the deposit. For example, 0.01 is sufficient for Bitcoin, while 0.1 is required for Ethereum.
  • Is the app paid: No.
  • Does it accept credit card payments: Yes.

Supporting more than 200 types of cryptocurrencies and tokens, Nexo is one of the applications that can be preferred by people who want to earn income on their crypto assets. You can lend your crypto assets to other people or borrow cryptocurrency from other people on this platform, which offers very attractive APYs compared to other competitors. If you keep your Bitcoins in Nexo, let us say that you can earn between 6% and 8% annually.

Nexo platform’s annual income increases when it comes to other cryptocurrencies. For example, you can earn between 9% and 11% by charging your ATOMs, between 14% and 16% by using MATICs for staking, and between 16% and 18% with FTMs. Let’s also say that this platform offers attractive APYs to stable currencies such as USDT, GBPX, and EURX.

Even though Nexo is a staking platform, you don’t need to stake on this platform for an extended period, and the obligatory lock period is only one month. It is possible to withdraw your money if you suddenly need cash.

Nexo has savings accounts where you can use coins and fiat currencies. The return on these accounts can reach up to 12% annually.  You need to trade with NEXO tokens to get good interest rates.
Nexo application simplifies account management, so you can easily control the account you have and your investments.  There is serious competition at Nexo about lending someone a loan.
Cryptocurrencies you own and deposit into Nexo’s pools are guaranteed.  If you lend in bear markets, you can lose your assets.  
There is no illegality involved as NEXO is a security token and complies with the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission.  You are likely to have problems with the withdrawal process because of limitations on withdrawing funds.
This platform offers you advanced security features in addition to insurance.There are lending and borrowing platforms with higher interest rates than Nexo.  

Lunch Money

  • How many different cryptocurrencies does it support: More than 300.
  • Is the app paid: Yes. The monthly membership of the Lunch Money application is $10, while the annual membership is $100. But you should know that your annual membership fee will be $70 when you register for the first time.
  • Does it accept credit card payments: Yes.

All the data you share with Lunch Money will be under high protection. Lunch Money does not store your important information such as your bank information, identity information, and personal identifying information other than name and e-mail in any database, so your information is safe from hacks. In addition, if the security offered by Lunch Money is not enough for you, you can use the two-factor authentication in the application.

If you want to make sure that your data is not used while using the Lunch Money application, it will be sufficient to share any data with the application and log into a website. Since your data is not sold to third-party apps, you are unlikely to see an ad. We can list other features of this application as follows:

  • The transactions you have made can be divided into more than one budget category and you can get reports for previous periods through the application.
  • It is possible to include more than one source of money in your budget, these sources of money can be checks, savings, and credit lines.
  • You cannot divide your budget into multiple versions and access previous versions, but you can get monthly reports.
  • Since the transactions you have made on your credit cards are classified according to budget categories, you can find out how much you have spent in which area.
Lunch Money tracks cryptocurrencies as well as your traditional financial assets and currencies.Although Lunch Money currently does not have a native mobile application and can only be accessed via a browser, it is possible to access this website from mobile devices.  
You can see all your assets in one place, including crypto assets, and that’s what other personal finance apps don’t.To contact Lunch Money’s customer service, you have to choose online ways, customer service does not have a phone number.  
You can also add your crypto wallet to Lunch Money. This app supports over forty wallets and exchanges. Also, the assets you own are automatically synced.To use this application, you need to pay 10 dollars per month and 100 dollars per year.
You can track more than 300 cryptocurrencies manually, as the developers of the Lunch Money app add cryptocurrencies to the app almost daily. 
The value of your crypto assets is shown up to date. 
Since your data is not shared with third-party applications, you will have a completely ad-free experience. 


  • How is the transaction fee method and how much is the transaction fee: All transactions are charged 0.05%.
  • Is the app paid: No.
  • Does it accept credit card payments: No.

With eighteen different trading bots, Pionex is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to use bots for crypto trading and automate cryptocurrency trading. Users using this application do not need to control the market twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, by automating their transactions, they can trade as much as they want whenever they want. The liquidity of the Pionex application comes from Binance and Huobi Global.

It is possible to use Pionex, which is an internet-based platform, in all major browsers you want. In addition, the website of this platform is designed for mobile. We can list the general features of this app as follows:

  • You can automate the trades you want to do by using the trading bots.
  • Pionex’s interface is easy to use because you can customize it the way you want, and there are also built-in live chats where you can get investment advice.
  • It has Pionex TradingView charts. It is possible to use the light theme when using this application during the day and the dark theme when using it in the evening.
  • The Pionex bot named Grid Trading Bot can buy cryptocurrencies when the cryptocurrencies predetermined by the users fall. And when the value of the purchased cryptocurrency rises, it can earn a high profit by selling them for you.
  • If you’re a high-volume trader looking for the lowest transaction fees, a mobile cryptocurrency trader, or just don’t have time to follow the cryptocurrency exchange, Pionex is perfect for you.
Pionex offers you 18 trading bots that are different from each other and aim for different things. These bots are completely free to use.You cannot fund your Pionex account using fiat currencies.  
You pay low fees for all transactions you make through Pionex. 


  • How many different cryptocurrencies does it support: More than 8000.
  • Is the app paid: It depends on your preference. This app has limited, free, pro, and premium versions. You have to pay $3.49 per month for the pro version and $13.99 for the premium version of CoinStats.
  • Does it accept credit card payments: Yes, but just for Pro and Premium accounts.

CoinStats, which has over a hundred billion dollars worth of cryptocurrencies on its website, is a platform with five hundred thousand exchange accounts and more than one million users in total. In addition, there are a hundred million transactions and trades in total within this platform.

CoinStats, which is a very popular platform, supports more than eight thousand cryptocurrencies and works integrated with twenty-six types of exchanges and thirty-four types of wallets. It is possible to view all the transactions you have made on CoinStats and examine the detailed analysis of your past transactions. We can list the best features of this platform as follows:

  • CoinStats is available on iOS, Android, and the web. It is also possible to access this platform from places such as Mac desktop, iWatch, widget, Apple Watch, iPad, and Google Chrome.
  • CoinStats has a news feed where you can follow crypto news and design it according to your own needs.
  • With the API link you can add Ledger, Metamask, Binance, Ethereum, Binance, Trust, and thirty different wallets to CoinStats.
  • With a credit card that has and uses fiat currencies, you can buy cryptocurrencies and put them in a wallet.
  • This app is ideal for crypto traders who use or want to use multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, people who want advanced crypto research, and people who want to keep their cryptocurrencies in a safe place.
The wallets you connect to the CoinStats app are almost military-grade encrypted.If you want to use the Professional or Premium features, you have to pay a certain amount per month.  
CoinStats is an application that also allows you to do staking, using this application it becomes possible to earn up to 20% interest annually. 
It becomes possible for investors who have different cryptocurrencies to control all their assets through a single platform. 
You won’t miss anything, as the prices of cryptocurrencies are constantly updated and there is a live exchange. 

Trust Wallet

  • How many different cryptocurrencies does it support: More than 160,000
  • Is the app paid: No.

Trust Wallet supports more than one hundred and sixty thousand crypto assets and more than fifty blockchains in total. With this mobile, open-source, and decentralized wallet, you can stake your cryptocurrencies. Although Trust Wallet was originally designed to store ERC20 and ERC223 tokens, it is now available for many cryptocurrencies such as Lucky Block and Bitcoin.

Trust Wallet has a built-in Web 3.0 browser and users can purchase cryptocurrency using the DEX on the Kyber Network. In addition, since the Trust Wallet application can provide direct access to the Ethereum blockchain, it is also possible for users to directly access the dApps.

The application of Trust Wallet can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is not possible to encounter any problems with the applications, since it is written using the native language of all platforms (Swift for iOS, Java for Android). It should also be noted that Trust Wallet’s mobile application works with Android 5.0 and above, and iOS 10.0 and above.

Using Trust Wallet is easy even for crypto beginners, and this app is completely free to use.Trust Wallet does not have desktop support.  
Using Trust Wallet, you can bet and earn on different digital assets.There is no documentation on the types of cryptocurrencies Trust Wallet supports.
Unlike other hot wallets, Trust Wallet does not store users’ private keys on its servers. 
It has a fully functional Web3 browser where you can directly access many blockchains have dApps. 
It is possible to store your all NFTs in Trust Wallet.   


  • How many different cryptocurrencies does it support: Mycelium supports only Bitcoin, Ether, and ERC-20 tokens.
  • Is the app paid: No.
  • How is the transaction fee method and how much is the transaction fee: The transactions you will make through the Mycelium application are determined by four different paid levels, and the transaction fees of these levels increase gradually.

Mycelium, a crypto wallet with a deep-rooted history focusing on Bitcoin, was launched in 2008. Since this app was the first mobile software wallet released, it remained the only mobile crypto software wallet on the market for many years. It is still one of the best options for Android and iOS users. Two of the most important features of this mobile software wallet are the tight security and a large number of transactions.

The Mycelium app is designed to be fully reproducible. Designing a mobile application or any application in a reproducible way allows one to find potential security problems of that application and to compare it with the original code. Other important features of this wallet can be listed as follows:

  • You can access the code of the Mycelium application, as well as examine the history of all transactions you have made through this application and processed on the blockchain.
  • Mycelium is connected to the FIO network, which includes the most popular cryptocurrencies and allows this app to work with other wallets.
Mycelium is compatible with popular cold wallets Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey and can work in sync.Since Mycelium is a kind of hot wallet, it does not have as much security as cold wallets.  
Mycelium has spending accounts.The Mycelium application only allows trading with Bitcoin, Ether, and ERC-20 tokens.  
You can exchange your cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies just by using Mycelium.   
There are many educational materials in Mycelium. 
It is possible to perform offline transactions using the Mycelium application. 


  • Is the app paid: Yes. You can pay the fee of NordVPN with credit card payments or crypto assets.
  • Does it accept credit card payments: Yes.

NordVPN is located in Panama but it has more than five thousand four hundred servers in sixty different countries. With the first-class security package that this VPN provides for you, your transactions will become more secure and private, and third-party access to your data will be prevented. Also, as NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy, it is not possible to save your transaction logs for any use.

As we mentioned earlier, NordVPN has servers around the world, this allows you to choose the location with the best performance possible. There are cryptocurrency exchanges specially designed for some countries and you need to be in that country to enter these exchanges, but if you use NordVPN, you will be able to log into any cryptocurrency exchange in any country you want.

When you log into NordVPN and connect to one of this application’s servers, your connection will be hidden with the gold standard AES-256-CBC password, and you will not be visible to your Internet Service Provider or hackers. All your transactions will be encrypted and even NordVPN’s owners will not be able to see what you are doing while using this VPN. Moreover, if you do not want it to be known that you are using NordVPN, it is also possible to pay with cryptocurrencies. You can start using NordVPN’s top-notch security using many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

All your transactions with NordVPN are encrypted, and the success of this encryption is independently checked.NordVPN does not have a router app.  
NordVPN uses an impressive encryption method known as the gold standard. 
With NordVPN’s NordLynx app, all transactions are further secured and maximum security is achieved. 
You can pay for using NordVPN with cryptocurrencies and be completely anonymous.   


  • Is the app paid: Yes.
  • Does it accept credit card payments: Yes.

Surfshark is located in the British Virgin Islands and it has more than three thousand two hundred servers in a total of sixty-five different countries. When you use the Surfshark VPN application, you will not face any legal trouble, likewise, the founders of Surfshark do not deal with legal problems.

Surfshark VPN application has a no-logs policy and according to this policy, they do not collect any data about you, like other VPN applications. Thanks to this application, which bases its service only on RAM servers, your data will be encrypted even if it is in the hands of law enforcement and you will not deal with legal sanctions in any way. We can list the other features of the Surfshark VPN application as follows:

  • Surfshark is one of the best technical VPNs in its field.
  • When you use Surfshark you can be sure that there will be no IP, DNC, or WebRTC leaks of any kind.
  • Since VPNs deal with encrypting all the data you share with the websites you open, the pages of the websites take a long time to load, but Surfshark offers you high speed.
  • In addition, this VPN allows you to surf the Internet very quickly and securely using tunneling protocols such as WireGuard.
  • Surfshark uses state-of-the-art tunneling protocols such as WireGuard, which are fast and secure.
  • If you want to start using Surfshark VPN but want it to be known that you are using VPN, it is possible to pay with cryptocurrencies. You can use CoinGate and CoinPayments applications to make payments.
Surfshark is free from legal sanctions.  Surfshark has not been independently audited.  
Surfshark has an excellent NoBorder mode.  Surfshark does not have a router app.  
Surfshark uses WireGuard, which makes it possible to open websites very quickly and reliably.   
The price you pay for this VPN is definitely worth it.   
It is possible to establish unlimited simultaneous connections with Surfshark VPN.   

Cryptocurrency Alerting

  • How many different cryptocurrencies does it support: Over 25,000.
  • Is the app paid: No.

If you need to receive warnings about cryptocurrencies in any way, you can use Cryptocurrency Alerting where you can follow the price changes of the cryptocurrencies. With this app, you can find out the changes by e-mail, phone calls, telegram messages, or other methods.

The Cryptocurrency Alerting currently monitors more than twenty-five thousand cryptocurrencies instantly and offers customizable crypto alerts about the prices and other numerical data of these cryptocurrencies. Forty-four different exchanges such as Bitfinex, Kraken, BitMex, Bittrex, and Binance are used for real-time price tracking of this application. Also, Cryptocurrency Alerting notifies you if a new token or cryptocurrency is added to the exchanges.

The Cryptocurrency Alerting platform, which allows you to check the values and numerical data of cryptocurrencies and get instant information about cryptocurrencies, also offers you the Wallet Tracking Alert feature. With this feature, you can receive a notification when the value of the wallet address you provide increases or decreases, and you can collectively control how much your assets have increased or decreased.

It is possible to receive crypto alerts with Cryptocurrency Alerting in many ways, such as e-mail, sms, telegram messages or phone calls.  It can be a bit technical for crypto traders who have little knowledge of the subject. However, you can learn easily with educational materials that be useful to you.  
There are limits on the Cryptocurrency Alerting platform that you can use to sell or to catch and buy.   
The Cryptocurrency Alerting platform works in integration with forty-four different exchanges.   

FTX: Blockfolio

  • How many different cryptocurrencies does it support: Over 20.
  • Is the app paid: No.

FTX: Blockfolio, a crypto tracker with iOS and Android applications, allows you to buy cryptocurrencies, sell your crypto assets and transfer your crypto assets. These transactions that you can do with your cryptocurrencies are not found in many crypto tracker applications. In addition, the most important feature of this application is earning an annual income of up to %8 on the assets invested.

According to the official statement made by the FTX: Blockfolio application, it only takes three minutes to start trading crypto through this application. Since the interface of FTX: Blockfolio is very clean and easy to use, it is an application that even beginners can use. With this application, you can easily transfer money to your wallet and constantly monitor the value of your crypto assets.

FTX: The Blockfolio app supports over 20 cryptocurrencies, and the cryptocurrencies it supports are usually the most popular. In addition, with the price alerts provided by this application, you can receive notifications when the prices of cryptocurrencies rise above a certain level or increase and decrease as a percentage.

You earn free crypto for all transactions you make through FTX: Blockfolio.  FTX: Blockfolio’s iOS app may crash from time to time.
FTX: Blockfolio platform has both Android and iOS applications.   
FTX: Blockfolio is an easy-to-use crypto tracker.   
You can always reach the live support of the FTX: Blockfolio application.   
The FTX: Blockfolio app provides price alerts for more than 20 cryptocurrencies to choose from.   


  • Is the app paid: No.

Telegram, a messaging application protected by end-to-end encryption, contains initial coin offerings that are not subject to certain regime regulations. ICOs, which attract both entrepreneurs and scammers, have greatly increased Telegram’s popularity. However, you should know that approximately 80% of ICOs are scams and 57% disappear before their fourth month.

Telegram not only has chat rooms with ICOs but also chat rooms where crypto airdrops are news and people with knowledge about crypto exchange ideas with each other. In these chat rooms, people can give each other investment advice and contact each other to learn about crypto assets. However, you should keep in mind that not all people in this chat app can be trusted.

Telegram is one of the chat apps that use end-to-end (E2E) encryption to protect your information and data.To subscribe to the Telegram application, you must share your own phone number with Telegram.  
It is possible to access applications with open source code and Telegram’s Database Library.End-to-end encryption is only used for Secret chats.  
You can login to your Telegram account from multiple devices at the same time.The servers of the Telegram application are not open source.  
With Telegram, it is possible to send messages that self-destruct after a certain time.Every location you log into the Telegram application is saved by the application’s servers.  
Telegram app supports two-step verification.   


  • Is the app paid: No, but you can buy a Premium account.

Reddit is a community-centric social media platform that supports the sharing of various types of files. It has an outstanding feedback system. Users can upvote or downvote posts shared as videos, images, links, and texts to determine the value and quality of that post. In this case, high-quality posts come to the fore and users can get the information they want from the Reddit application.

When a post is shared on Reddit, which has an open-ended chat, both followers and non-followers can comment on the post. It is also possible for users to interact with each other in the comments section. If you like a post too much, you can share it with other people, save the post and even give a reward to the owner of the post. (The rewards you will give may be rewards in the Reddit application, as well as meme coins.) However, if you do not like a post at all, you can hide that post, and if you think a post is against the community rules, you can report that post.

If you want to learn about cryptocurrencies on Reddit, the subreddits you should look at are r/bitcoinners, r/opensea, r/cryptocurrencies, r/cryptotechnology, r/defi, r/satoshistretbets, and r/coinbase.

If you are new to trading cryptocurrencies and need information, you can use Reddit.The information shared on this platform is usually not based on a solid source.  
Reddit is a platform that supports investors and business owners, so people who want to market their products and services use this platform.It can be challenging for you to navigate the content you want.  
Any data you add to Reddit is stored in a secure environment. Thus, the data you share will be kept from hackers and spammers.  If you have a very important but very popular subreddit you will have to spend a lot of time reading the posts on that subreddit.
You can quickly access the news about cryptocurrencies.   
In addition to providing you with an easy-to-use Reddit subreddit, you can see the posts in your interests and improve the knowledge. 

Which exchange app for crypto is suitable for people who are new to working with cryptocurrencies?

Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Nexo are among the best app for people who are new to making money and trading cryptocurrencies, because they are easy-to-use, have strong customer service, and offer a user-oriented basic interface. Using these centralized exchanges, you can trade cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, BAT, USDT, and ZRX. Also, their mobile apps are free to install.

Is the Binance app or the Coinbase app better?

It is quite difficult to decide in general and give a single answer whether the Binance application or the Coinbase application is better, but we can evaluate these applications in terms of the transaction fees of these applications. If you are transferring via banks, Binance does not charge you any fee for bank transfer, and when you request a withdrawal via any ATM, you pay a $15 transaction fee. If you want to deposit money to your account in the Coinbase application through your bank account, you should pay 10 dollars, if you want to withdraw crypto from your Coinbase account, you should pay 25 dollars.

Is the Kraken app suitable for beginner crypto traders?

Although both Kraken and Coinbase are suitable apps for beginner crypto traders and offer simple platforms and completely user-friendly interfaces, the Kraken app is better than Coinbase. The reason why Kraken is better than Coinbase is that the transaction fees are kept very low and it has high security despite the low transaction fees. Kraken is a great app for seasoned crypto traders who will trade high volumes and new crypto traders who will invest in low volumes.

Are cryptocurrency apps safe?

You can reduce your security concerns by choosing secure and reliable crypto apps. Mobile apps of CEX and DEX, which are used by millions of people today, are protected by various encryption methods. During login to these apps, various authentication methods are used and precautions are taken against phishing. Do not forget to take advantage of these methods.

Which cryptocurrency app has the most coins?

If you are looking for an app that serves as an exchange, it is possible to say that is a very popular option with support for more than 150 cryptocurrencies. But don’t consider using CEXs alone. Today, almost all DEX platforms list more coins than CEXs, thanks to their decentralized nature. Among the most popular DEXs are Uniswap, Pancekaswap, Sushiswap.

Are crypto apps legit?

The answer to this question may vary depending on the laws and regulations of your country regarding cryptocurrencies. For example, Binance US, or Coinbase are fully legally available platforms for US-based citizens. Of course, so is Nord VPN, Telegram. Examine the legal service locations of the app you have chosen.