About Us

Decentralized technologies, the evolution of opportunities, and digitalizing next-generation reality alternatives: The world is changing, it really is.

While the number of ways of accessing information increases and they spreads to a wider base, people gain brand new consumer identities in dozens of new sectors. Unfortunately, the content offered to ‘’information consumers’’, whose number is increasing exponentially, is becoming more and more depleted, often unsatisfactory and containing false information. All these messes make it difficult to understand the world that is evolving at such an insane rate and to take a position toward new realms of reality.

That’s why writing ‘’already-existing facts’’ is creating a huge impact on the way millions of people position themselves in the world out there.

We know the power of shaping reality through compiling facts, associating events, interpreting technologies, and expressing unique evaluations. Which makes us take responsibility for this power.

Blockchain, decentralized technologies, cryptocurrencies, Metaverse, and others are excellent to fulfill our responsibility. Because the current world order, which has determined the authority of money, power, capital, and trade for a very important time, is forced to evolve with these new technologies. It is unpredictably enjoyable to watch this evolution from the front row. And, hell yeah, it’s exciting to tell you every moment we watch with all the colors of reality.

What We Are Working For

We aim to create content that provides satisfactory information to our visitors, is able to answer questions, can present the most up-to-date developments, and can create the most efficient performance in a limited reading time. That’s why our content goes through a lot of checks from the production stage to the publication.

Always working for the better, we love pushing the limits.

Our endless excitement is what keeps us alive as we prepare our content with the power to give a great start to users who are just going to meet decentralized technologies, as well as satisfy real crypto-geeks.

The rapidly developing technology and the diversity of the resources used may cause errors in the content. What we promise is to take the fastest action in the strongest way to fix possible misinformation. We are committed to making Cryptoshift the most powerful source of information on the field of Blockchain.