NFTs, which enable the declaration of ownership and are preferred by people who want to buy a digital work of art, are digital products that are getting more popular day by day. If you want to invest and buy the best NFT tokens, the best places to do so are the NFT Marketplaces.

The most important reason why NFTs is getting so popular and so great day by day is that people who first start this business are benefiting from huge increases in value by selling their NFTs and earning a significant amount of money. On March 11, 2021, an artist named Beeple sold his first NFT, which he designed and uploaded to a marketplace, for approximately seventy million dollars. People who wanted to generate such high returns from a design also started researching NFT Marketplaces. The number of people investing in these immutable tokens, which are easy to invest in and buy, is increasing day by day so we can easily say that a larger investment is made for the NFT market than the physical investments.

In this article, I talked about what the NFT Marketplace is, what you should consider when choosing an NFT Marketplace, and the most popular NFT Marketplaces. Are you ready to learn about NFT Marketplaces and discover the most suitable NFT Marketplace for you?


  • NFTs, which are completely unique, and non-fungible, can represent a physical object or can be completely digital beings are designed for use in digital environments, metaverse universes, and social media platforms. They are put up for sale on NFT Marketplaces. Anyone, from NFT artists to you, can earn income from these markets.
  • To find the best NFT Marketplace, you should check the marketplace information, see if it offers digital wallet convenience, make sure it’s secure if you’re a content creator, review the marketplace ratings, and see if it has advanced search options.
  • The biggest NFT marketplaces of 2021 are OpenSea, Rarable, SuperRare, Mintable, Nifty Gateway, MakersPlace, NBA Top Shot Marketplace, Binance NFT, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, CryptoPunks, KnownOrigin, Foundation, BakerySwap, Solanart, FTX NFT, Async Art, and Zora.


  • It offers a large number of NFY variants to users.
  • It cooperates with market giants such as Coinbase, Combinator, Trust Wallet, and Dapper.
  • It accepts payments in over 150 cryptocurrencies.
  • In January 2022 alone, the market volume exceeded 5 billion USD.
  • It supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Klayn networks.
  • Users have many complaints in terms of gas and carbon fees.

OpenSea, the best and largest marketplace to find outstanding and nowhere to be found NFTs, has user-specific digital items and includes different categories. Pricing in this marketplace, which was established in 2017, is very good for NFT, and we can easily say that the best pricing in the market is made in OpenSea. Buying and selling are very easy as all digital product classes in this marketplace are powered by blockchain technology. Developers working at OpenSea are trying to produce a user-friendly marketplace for buyers, sellers, and content producers. OpenSea’s infrastructure is improving and constantly being upgraded, as NFT is an ever-evolving work of digital art and appeals to a sizable audience.

Smart contracts, which enable secure transactions between buyers and sellers and protect both buyers and sellers from fraud, are used in the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Supporting ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, this platform was established for users to freely exchange their digital assets. It is also possible to see the best NFTs sorted by volume on OpenSea, which also supports WalletConnect and MetaMask wallets. With OpenSea, you can import smart contracts, but this platform does not support split payments.

Built on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Klatyn blockchains, the types of NFTs featured on OpenSea include art, music, photography, collectibles, sports, virtual worlds, and more. The most important reasons to use this platform are that it covers all kinds of NFTs, accepts more than one hundred and fifty cryptocurrencies as payment, and now uses the Polygon blockchain. The biggest reason for you not to choose this platform is that this website is located on the Ethereum platform, where the pricing is high.


  • It supports art, photography, and game-themed NFTs.
  • It supports Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos Blockchain networks on the platform.
  • Thanks to the Flow and Tezos networks, gas and carbon fees are relatively lower.
  • Wallets such as Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, Torus, Portis, Wallet Connect, or Fortmatic are all supported by the platform.
  • Users can also make purchases with traditional methods such as debit cards, credit cards, or Google Pay.
  • Users who sell more NFTs are rewarded with the royalty system.
  • In community creation processes, users can connect their profiles and social media platforms.
  • Rari Token, Platfrom’s native token, is distributed to users as rewards, and users with Rari tokens are involved in decision-making processes.
  • Users may not find everything they are looking for here as the more popular NFT artists around the world may prefer other market giants.
  • If you do not have an ETH crypto wallet, you cannot deposit or withdraw on the platform.
  • A charge is requested from both the seller and the buyer during the transactions.

The ultimate goal of Rarable, the best NFT marketplace to explore new and different NFT categories, is to become an organization that allows users on the platform to make all decisions jointly. (These organizations are called Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.) By allowing people who are interested in the platform itself to discover and vote on platform upgrades, Rarable is no longer just an NFT marketplace and becomes a public infrastructure that approaches employees in a sensitive way.

Launched in 2020, Rarable is built on the Ethereum blockchain and supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens. It is also possible to import smart contracts in this NFT marketplace, which supports WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Fortmatic, and MyEtherWallet as a wallet. With NFT on Art, Music, Photography, Auctions, Games, Meta Universes, Domains, Memes, and more, this platform does not have a split payment option, i.e. installment option.


  • The platform offers NFT, especially focused on the digital art category. This means a marketplace where even curated and rare artworks can come together.
  • It is possible to say that NFTs are exhibited in a digital gallery atmosphere since the platform is art-oriented.
  • Supporting the Ethereum network, SuperRare is very safe with this feature.
  • An excellent option for those who want to produce and list high-end NFTs with high artistic value.
  • The platform only supports Ether. It is not possible to make purchases with other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.
  • As a necessity of the Ethereum network, the gas and carbon fees are really high. 15 percent is charged for original sales and 3 percent for buyer’s premium.
  • Platfrom doesn’t allow any participant to offer NFTs.

If you are wondering which platform the best NFT artists are on and you want to buy NFTs from these artists, you should choose the SuperRare NFT marketplace. SuperRare, where people who collect NFTs can easily buy NFTs and creators can easily sell their digital works, takes advantage of the blockchain technology behind its infrastructure. Utilizing SuperRare blockchain technology, artists promote and curate their own rare digital artworks directly to users, with SuperRare not needing to leverage any third parties.

It is possible for users to learn which NFTs are trending in which week, month, or year in SuperRare, where all transactions are made without the need for third-party intermediaries that charge unnecessary fees and where direct peer-to-peer trading takes place. It also allows artists to earn lifetime income from NFT for all NFT sales sold through SuperRare. With this offering, SuperRare eliminates the industry-standard licensing and royalty model and takes the first steps towards a new economy.

Ethereum is used as blockchain technology in the SuperRare NFT marketplace where digital art type NFTs are located. It is very difficult to join this platform where you can come across rare works of art because the developers only accept a small number of applications. SuperRare offers a fantastic editorial blogging experience in addition to having a pretty gallery feel.


  • Platform supporting Ethereum and ImmutableX networks.
  • You can choose Mintable to find NFTs in different categories such as art, music, animation, games, video, media.
  • Mintable also functions as an NFT academy. It is possible to benefit from completely free NFT University courses.
  • Mintable is also suitable for beginners as it is easy to use and has a very simple interface.
  • Thanks to the listings that can be accessed for free, users are offered many alternatives. Initially, you have 50 free listings.
  • Compared to platforms like Rarible, the fees on Mintable are much higher. A processing fee of 2.5 percent is required for normal items, 5 percent for gasless items, and 10 percent for printable items.
  • The types of wallets supported are very few compared to other platforms.
  • The quality of the NFTs found is quite variable.

You can sell your NFTs or buy NFTs from other people on Mintable, the best NFT marketplace for printing your own NFTs. This marketplace, whose mission is to make the production of NFTs so simple that anyone can do it, and that NFTs are accessible to everyone, allows any artist from any walk of life to enter and invest and become an entrepreneur. On Mintable, you can witness people who are interested in NFTs collect NFTs simply by holding them or earning money by trading. When you choose Mintable as the marketplace, you don’t need any technical knowledge, and you can even print your NFTs on this marketplace for free, in addition to paying no fee while creating the NFTs you want.

If you are undecided about whether to choose the Mintable platform, let us tell you that this platform is very easy to use and free Mintable courses are available on their website. The worst feature of this platform, where you can find NFTs in quite wide and variable categories, is that the quality of NFTs can change very seriously.

Nifty Gateway

  • The platform backed by Gemini operates on the Ethereum network.
  • Especially those looking for curated drops, those looking to buy high-end NFTs, and those interested in digital art may like Nifty Gateaway.
  • Users can pay not only with cryptocurrencies but also with fiat currencies.
  • The NFT holders you will meet on this platform are usually high-end curators. A great alternative to access exclusive collections.
  • The fact that NFT collectibles are often high-end can be disadvantageous for beginners and those who want to give a few tries.
  • If you want to withdraw money to USD bank with fiat currency, you have a weekly limit. This limit is only 500 dollars.
  • NFT Heist, which took place in March 2021, caused the platform to raise concerns about security.

If you want to access content sold directly by the creators of the content, we can easily say that the best NFT marketplace is Nifty Gateway. Nifty Gateway, whose goal is to have at least one million people collecting Nifties, is a marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain in 2018. Nifties in this marketplace is digital assets created by Nify Gateway that will never go away. Thanks to these digital assets, you have the assurance that all the assets you buy will stay with you no matter what happens in the future or whatever happens to you. Because Nifty Gateway places such a high value on the value in Nifty production, it only works with top artists and companies for these digital assets used on their site. So much so that even Micheal Kagan, a world-famous artist, produced Nifty at Nifty Gateway.

Supporting proprietary tokens and only Fiat wallet, each collection on Nifty Gateway has a specific opening time, and the time from that opening to closing time is short. Every three weeks the Nifty collection is re-released and the old collection is deleted, so this platform is an ideal platform for finding rare NFTs. In Nifty Gateway, smart contracts cannot be imported and NFT types in this platform are called Digital art, verified, and selected drop. When you choose the Nifty Gateway platform, you can buy NFT using fiat currency and use limited release open versions. The worst feature of this platform is that it is a bit difficult to find NFTs of non-famous people as it is dominated by famous NFTs.


  • It can be said that the platform, which offers NFT in the commercial and fine art categories, especially appeals to modern artists and modern art enthusiasts.
  • The platform is built on the Ethereum network and is highly secure.
  • Real works of art created by Rare and esteemed curators can be found on MakersPlace.
  • You can also buy NFTs using your traditional credit cards on the platform.
  • In terms of transaction fees, MakersPlace also brings disadvantages. A transaction fee of 15 percent is required for initial sales and 12.5% for secondary sales.
  • The NFTs you can find are usually high-end. This can be a disadvantage for a standard user.

If you’re looking for rare, unavailable, and completely authentic NFTs, MakersPlace is the place to go. Every product published on this platform is published by its creator and is offered for sale in its original form without modification. On the MakersPlace platform, it feels like owning a painting by a famous artist, for creators to sell their products in an original and unmodified way. Digital products reproduced on the MakersPlace platform, which is a suitable place for digital artworks that can be traded with cryptocurrency, will not be published on this platform on the grounds that they are not original and unsigned. This is exactly what MakersPlace is most loved and known for, meaning that products must be completely original and signed by the manufacturer.

When you upload a product, the product you upload will be reviewed by the curators on MakersPlace’s website, and if your products meet the desired quality requirements, they will be approved for sale. All digital products uploaded to MakersPlace must be in ERC-20 and ERC721 standards. Even Damien Hirst and Robert Liefeld are here!

NBA Top Shot Market

  • This NFT marketplace is built on the Flow network. Flow is a blockchain network that charges much lower transaction fees than Ethereum and supports startups like dApps or games.
  • Users can buy and sell NFTs with credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrency wallets. Among the supported wallets is Metamask.
  • The authenticity of your sport-themed NFTs makes them more valuable investments. That’s why quite expensive NFTs are sold on this platform. For example, the NFT named T206 Honus Wagner Baseball Card was sold for $2.12 million. Moreover, exactly eight years ago, in 2016.
  • Especially for those who are not interested in sports or looking for more affordable NFTs, NBA Top Shot offers a really limited selection.
  • Flow blockchain also creates disadvantages in certain aspects. Because no matter how fast and reliable it is, it does not have as large a user base and volume as the Ethereum network.

If you are an NBA fan and want to buy NBA NFTs, the NBA Top Shot Market is definitely the place to visit. It can be said that this website, where you can find the best NBA NFTs, has started a new era for sports fans. You can use the NFTs you buy from this website for purposes such as showing your favorite teams and athletes. One of the best features of the NBA Top Shot Market is that you can have some of the best moments in the NBA. When an NBA star puts on an incredible performance, that performance can be recorded as NFT and you can have that performance as a memory forever.

If you want to buy these digital products, which are produced in limited numbers by the NBA and are fully officially licensed, you need to choose the NBA Top Shot Market. You can easily find rare and unique NBA NFTs on this market. One thing you should know, however, is that only a very small number of Top Shot Moment™ Digital Collectibles are available for sale. If you want to buy these digital products, which are available in very few numbers, you need to carefully track the time when the products will be available for sale and sometimes make a commitment. When you make a commitment and follow the sales dates, you can purchase product bundles and build your NBA NFT collection as soon as the products go on sale. You have to choose the NBA Top Shot Market to purchase these packs, where you can experience the full experience of the most exciting and remarkable memories in NBA history.

Binance NFT

  • Supporting BSC and ETH networks, the platform benefits from BSC’s high transaction speed.
  • Transaction fees on the platform are really low, thanks to BSC. Only about one percent.
  • It is possible to say that the platform, which is also supported by Binance, is quite safe. Moreover, its popularity brings it to a tremendous trading volume.
  • You can easily withdraw money from the platform using fiat currencies.
  • You can use ETH, BNB, and BUSD in the bidding process.
  • The platform is completely free. You can go and create an account right now.
  • Especially for beginners, the user-friendly interface, free membership, and low transaction fees can be advantageous.
  • NFT creators may have trouble getting minting permission. This means a particularly problematic process for artists.
  • Compared to other NFT marketplaces, Binance NFT is fairly new.

Binance NFT Marketplace, which you can use to create, sell and buy digital artworks and NFTs, is a major marketplace launched in 2021 featuring NFTs for music, digital items, videos, and website domains. This marketplace, which also allows users to make transfers between two different blockchains, uses Ethereum as its blockchain technology. Created and made available to people by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance NFT supports Trust Wallet, MathWallet, MetaMask, and Binance Chain Wallet as wallets. This marketplace aims to attract users of the NFT market to its NFT platform and create an NFT marketplace with special offers and partnerships.

Using Binance token as token support, Binance NFT interacts with your account when you already have a Binance account and can work automatically thanks to your Binance account. Once you’ve joined this marketplace, it’s pretty easy to bid on any NFT asset that interests you. You can easily import smart contracts in Binance NFT, which has NFTs in the categories of Arts, Sports, Gaming, Collection, Entertainment, and similar categories. One of the most important reasons for choosing this website is that you can use ETH, BNB, and BUSD currencies. Moreover, the marketplace of this platform, which has only a one percent fee and is based on a low wage policy, is extremely safe and quite wide. However, although it supports many cryptocurrencies and has low prices, it is very difficult to sell digital products on this platform, which is not artist-friendly.

Axie Infinity

  • Axie Infinite is a game ecosystem as well as NFT exchange. This means you can use your cryptocurrencies and NFTs for in-game purchases.
  • A user who buys an NFT through Axie Infinity does not pay commissions to the marketplace. Seller party pays 4.25 percent. This means a more advantageous purchasing process for the buyer.
  • When the gas fees are examined, we see that the platform offers four different categories according to the transaction. The platform gives users the right to perform transactions as Rapid, Fast, Standard and Slow. In this way, buyers who are willing to take slower transactions to pay less gas fee can reduce their expenses. Gas fee is taken from the buyer part.
  • Users who can make purchases in different NFT categories such as Axies, Land, in-game items or a bundled package can review the trading history and statistics of the NFTs they purchased.
  • The fact that the platform is also a gaming ecosystem can be confusing for beginners.
  • You cannot use credit card, debit card or PayPal when making purchases on the platform. You have to use Ether (ETH) to make the purchases.

We can safely say that Axie Infinity is one of the tops and most popular NFT marketplaces, which sells NFTs related to gaming assets and has quite different booths compared to other NFT markets. Axie Infinity, which can only be used in video games or sold NFTs related to the video games themselves, is currently in the market capitalization of more than millions of dollars and has earned it by focusing solely on video games. Another feature that proves how successful Axie Infinity is is that there are more than two hundred and seventy million digital art products on this platform.

Comparing people in the gaming community and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Axie Infinity features millions of creative and futuristic digital art products. With a highly responsive user interface, Axie Infinity has no difficulty in attracting and connecting users with powerful effects. Considering everything that should be considered an NFT marketplace, this marketplace is one of the most successful marketplaces in its field. Let’s say that Axie Infinity has its own platform and it is possible for users to interact with other users through this platform to collect things and sell what they collect as NFT.


  • NFTs are listed in the categories Decentraland, Decentraland Names, Decentraland Navigator, Decentraland Wearables, Decentralized Content.
  • The MANA and NFTs you have can be used in-game and strengthen your experience.
  • The platform uses the Ethereum network to maintain and record property ownership of NFT and all other digital assets.
  • Metamask, Trezor / Ledger hardware wallets are among the crypto wallets recommended and supported by the platform.
  • MANA, which is also used as a transaction fee in the ecosystem and evaluated in the NFT marketplace, was produced in the ERC20 standard. LAND, on the other hand, is a token with the ERC721 standard.
  • You can use the ATLAS view to see the distribution of the LANDs you bought on the Decentraland marketplace on the general map of the game. This gives you a bird’s eye view of your land.
  • You cannot use a credit card, debit card or Paypal when purchasing NFT. You need to have MANA, the native token of the ecosystem, and pay the transaction fees in this way.

Decentraland, which seemed to be pure fantasy in the past, but is now built on a technology called Metaverse, has exactly the same function as the real world. There are also users of the decentralized region in this marketplace, which is built on a completely open world. These users can buy assets, lands, and everything they can see in Decentraland with the help of cryptocurrencies. While the concept was criticized for having a serious impact on cryptocurrency when it was first released, Decentraland currently has a market cap of more than six billion. With this market value, we can say that Decentraland, which has become the largest platform in the crypto metaverse category, has become a monopoly.

CryptoPunks (Larva Labs)

  • Cryptopunks NFTs conforming to ERC-721 NFTs standards can be wrapped and transferred to different marketplaces thanks to their technical structure. Economic freedom.
  • Wrapped Punks allows NFTs created in Cryptopunks to be easily traded in Opensea, Rarible, Nifty Gateaway and SuperRare.
  • You can buy many NFTs with the unique structure of Punks in the Collectibles and Art category here.
  • The platform uses the Ethereum Blockchain for data transfer and property ownership declaration.
  • The project hosts a collection of 10,000 unique characters.
  • The platform does not accept payment by methods such as credit card, debit card or Paypal.
  • The platform only supports MetaMask or Mist wallets.

CryptoPunks, one of the oldest NFTs, is located on the Ethereum network. CryptoPunks is a series with completely unique qualities and consists of ten thousand characters. These NFTs, including the aesthetics of pixel art, were originally released as free to own, but now if you want to own one, let’s say the only way to get them is to buy them.

As NFTs became even more popular, there was a $2.5 billion trading volume in the first six months of this popularity. Launched collections of NFTs, non-tradable tokens, are more popular than ever in 2021. Most of these sales took place on the Larva Labs market, as CryptoPunks was also released as an NFT variant, Larva Labs was the platform that created CryptoPunks. Buying any CryptoPunks from this platform is currently more expensive than ever, let’s add that the lowest-priced Punk is 94.99 Ether. Number 3100, the most expensive Punk on the market, was sold for an insane $7.58 million. The fact that punks are so expensive and yet Larva Labs’ sales are high is enough to explain this company’s $1.3 billion transaction volume.

Here is the picture of Number 3100 CryptoPunk that is sold for 7.58 million Dollars:

cryptopunk number 3100

If you want to own a Punk, you must first connect your MetaMask or Mist wallet to the Larva Labs platform. Search to see the currently available Punks, let’s say the Punks with the red background are also for sale. Enter the maximum amount you can pay after this search section. Although you will have to pay large sums of money, the value of art is determined by your taste.


  • KnownOrigin, where you can find NFTs in the field of art and photography, is built on the Ethereum network.
  • This platform, which offers NFT drops on a limited basis and the majority of its collections are offered by high-end curators, provides an exclusive experience.
  • Knownorigin, which draws attention with its user-friendly interface, hosts valuable NFTs such as Stina Jones, Yura Miron, Hulki Okan Tabak, Robness, CryptoKaiju.
  • You cannot shop on the platform with payment methods such as credit card, debit card or Paypal.
  • The commission rates are really high: 15% as a service fee. In addition, there is a fee of 2.50% for secondary sales.

KnownOrigin’s trading volume is one of the lowest you can come across: just $6.9 million. It aims to create a gallery for discerning NFT professionals as an analog to the SuperRare NFT marketplace. In this NFT marketplace that offers gallery experience, curators also work and are very selective. All of the drawing files on this platform, which has NFTs in the field of art and photography, are kept in IPFS and all drawings are protected.

Focusing on digital art as art, KnownOrigin does not have any craziness, it is not possible to encounter strange avatars or cute monsters in this marketplace, there are only artistic elements here. KnownOrigin is designed to be very simple to use, although there are limited items to use. All you need to do to buy NFT on this platform, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain, is to connect a crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Formatic to this platform. The worst feature of this platform is that you may encounter expensive NFTs.


  • This platform, which hosts NFT in the categories of fine art, digital art, photography, 3D art, is built on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Collections of valuable artists such as Pak x Trevor Jones, Pak, Nyancat, Kevin Roose, Pplpleasr are located here.
  • Foundation’s service fee is 15%, which is a really high rate.
  • The platform does not allow shopping with traditional methods such as credit cards and debit cards. It only accepts cryptocurrency payments.

Foundation, which has a total transaction volume of over $79 million and defines itself as “a creative playground for artists”, sells digital products in the fields of fine arts, digital art, photography, and 3D art. The Foundation’s significant sales, which put an NFT of the iconic internet meme Nyan Cat for sale, and the first NFT of famous artist Edward Snowden, are not limited to these two events. An audio-visual-themed collection created by producer Richard D. James, also known as Aphex Twin, was also sold through the Foundation.

To run the Foundation on the Ethereum network, you need to connect your software-based cryptocurrency wallet using WalletConnect. In Foundation, you can make offers on products that have a time limit, as if you were buying a product from an ordinary auction site, and you can buy the products as a result of the offers. One of the main advantages of this platform is that it is run by artists and has a limited number of NFTs, so all NFTs you get from the Foundation are unique. Let’s add that this platform has high-quality art and projects. The worst part of Foundation is that it has a limited number of creators and may have lower fees.


  • BakerySwap is a platform that supports both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. This increases the potential transaction volume.
  • It is possible to find NFTs in collectibles, virtual words, art categories on the platform.
  • Popular NFT collectors include SWOG, CoralCorp, Cookie Munster, srnArtGallery, Irene Cerezo.
  • In addition to all these, Bakeryswap provides trust and prestige with its feature of being the first DEX.
  • To mint an NFT on the platform, you only need to pay 0.01 BNB, in addition to the gas fee of course. A charge of 0.30% is applied for the transactions made. It is also quite affordable.
  • As a DEX in form of AMM, BakerySwap does not accept decentralized payment methods such as credit cards and debit cards. You have to make all payments in cryptocurrencies.

One of the NFT markets structurally similar to OpenSea, BakerySwap, although similar to OpenSea, does not have as large a transaction volume as it and similar NFT markets. It is not surprising that BakerySwap has such a small trading volume, the biggest reason for having such a small trading volume is that it is not built on Ethereum but on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) where there is very little NFT marketplace. The NFT marketplace on BakerySwap makes up the bulk of the BakerySwap platform. Thanks to BakerySwap, users of this application can trade or sell their liquidity assets to each other and buy from each other. If you want to take part in BakerySwap, let’s say that it is very simple to use. Do not forget to note that BNB is used instead of Ether on this platform, which requires a MetaMask wallet connection.


  • SOL, the native currency of the platform, is used in Exchange transactions.
  • It supports decentralized wallets like Phantom, Solflare, Sollet.
  • As an NFT artist, you can cancel the NFT you put up for sale at any time via Solanart.
  • The platform is built on the Solana network, which is completely decentralized, offering fast transactions and requiring low transaction fees.
  • NFT collections are very popular on the platform, especially in the categories of SolPunks, Degenerate Ape Academy, Unirexcity, Skyline NFTs, Shkary Sharks, Solsisters. These can sell for millions of dollars.
  • Solanart, a decentralized NFT marketplace, is a platform where users can participate in the governing process.
  • The transaction commission rate is only 3.0%. In addition, a fee of 0.02% is charged as ad fees.
  • We can say that many of the currently advertised features are still in the Beta phase.
  • It has a lower volume as it is newer compared to other platforms.

The last time NFT assets took off and gained more attention than ever before was on Solana, a blockchain rival to Ethereum. Collections such as Degenerate Ape Academy, Aurory, and SolPunks sold and featured on the Solanart NFT marketplace were sold for millions of dollars, increasing Solanart’s trading volume. Completely different from OpenSea, Solanart offers people very limited options for NFTs to buy, as it is a set of NFT collections. Degenerate Apes and Aurory, the two best-selling and most viewed Solana NFT projects are also frequently talked about on other platforms.

If you want to buy Solana NFTs on Solanart or get paid for the products you sell, you need a Solana wallet like Phantom or Solflare. Loading money to spend on Solanart is child’s play as the Phantom cryptocurrency market is directly connected to FTX.


  • The platform supports both Ethereum and Solana networks.
  • No gas fee is requested from users during the NFT minting process.
  • You can benefit from various mobile apps that will make your work easier while using the platform.
  • In order to ensure the security of users, KYC (Know Your Customer) policy is used and Level 2 Verification is carried out. These make it less likely for malicious users to reside on the platform.
  • You can use cryptocurrencies, wire transfer, bank transfer, Silvergate Exchange Network, credit or debit card, Signet when purchasing any NFT from FTX NFT.
  • Among the most popular ETH collections are Blitmap, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoKitties, DeadFellaz. Among the most popular Solana collections in the FTX marketplace are 2D Soldiers, Apex Ducks, CryptoCubs.
  • The platform is centralized and requires you to provide a lot of personal information to become a member. This can both make you vulnerable to any fraud and cause you to lose the anonymity you expect from the NFT world.
  • The US version of FTX doesn’t allow creators to get royalties from secondary sales.
  • Compared to market giants such as Opensea, we can say that it has a more limited collection library in terms of crypto selection.

FTX, which is one of the crypto money exchanges where you can make NFT sales and purchases, and also serves as an NFT marketplace, is a very popular platform. Although this platform first started by offering NFTs for Solana, it has recently started to offer NFTs integrated with Ethereum as well. The FTX NFT marketplace, where investors new to the NFT market can easily purchase NFTs, does not have every collection but has all the popular collections that are of interest to people new to the NFT business. In addition, since the transaction fees of FTX NFT are much lower than other NFT marketplaces, it is often preferred by new investors.

Async Art

  • Established on the Ethereum network, Async Art is a platform that focuses only on programmable art.
  • For those who want to closely follow the increasing popularity of digital art, this platform is a treasure.
  • It is possible to say that many digital art creators have published NFT on the platform.
  • It would not be wrong to say that fees are relatively advantageous in Async Art. Canvas creates the platform charges a 10 percent commission for primary sales. For custom created primary sales, the commission can vary between 20% and 30%. In secondary sales, the commission is reduced to 1%.
  • Platform does not charge “buy-sell fee” from buyers and sellers.
  • The platform supports MetaMask and WalletConnect.
  • We can say that it has a more limited collection library than other marketplaces.

As a leader in programmable art and a recognized platform as such, Async Art is one of the most popular and largest NFT marketplaces. All artworks in Async Art consist of two different sections called Master and Layers. While the concept called Master is the part that represents the entire NFT, Layers are discrete digital assets that make up the art and are interchangeable. We can easily say that everything in Async Art is “tokenized”. We can also say that different artists can have NFTs with different layers. It is also possible thanks to the tokenized feature that other artists can contribute to the conversion of an NFT.

Built on programmable art, the pioneer of digital art, Async Art is located on the Ethereum blockchain. Programmable art, a space where multiple artists can work on a single piece of art and modify these products over time, is a type of NFT that cannot be shared on traditional gallery platforms. Thanks to Async Art, which supports many creators and many NFT owners, artists can create projects such as Bored Apes, and even Blueprints, which allows them to create such projects, has also been launched by Async Art. The only downside of this platform is that advanced NFT knowledge is required due to programmable art.


  • You can find NFT in all different categories such as art, music, animation, web, text, media.
  • The platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain is very secure.
  • You can set up and run your own auction house on Zora. An enjoyable experience.
  • Zora is a good option for purchasing NFTs with a physical equivalent in real word and for making property ownership declaration.
  • All valuable collectors such as Laurent Delrey, Team Rolfes, Mochi, Dreamlog, and Clay Weishaar are in Zora.
  • There are no payment options such as credit card or debit card on the platform. You have to use ETH to buy NFT.

Acting as the Foundation, which started its life as a platform where only artists could be found in its early days, Zora eventually became an NFT marketplace that everyone could use and easily join. No one has as much power as artists and creators on this platform, which contributes to digital artists and NFT creators gaining more ownership. In addition to standing out as an easy-to-use platform, Zora also enables permanent offers, meaning that anyone can bid on any cryptocurrency they want.

With NFTs in art, music, animation, web, text, and media, Zora is built on the Ethereum blockchain and supports artists of all kinds. So much so that this platform, which is a great space for music NFTs and bridges the real and digital world, has also released RAC’s Boy album. This album has been auctioned both digitally and physically. It is also very easy to find a limited number of products on the Zora platform, where both digital and physical products can be found.

What Does NFT Mean?

An NFT is a completely unique digital artwork or token that resides on any cryptocurrency blockchain. NFTs benefit you when you want to create your own unique identity with your own preferences in a digital game or need a profile picture that is cool and unique. Extremely useful for people who collect digitally, NFTs cannot be counterfeit collectors’ items, nor do NFT manufacturers need to prove their NFTs are genuine. All NFTs produced are unique and cannot be copied, even if copied, they cannot be reproduced, which is why NFTs are considered works of art.

In other words, as long as each of the NFT manufacturers can bring financial value to their completely unique NFTs by marketing them, they can sell them for very ridiculous numbers. Consider Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. A canvas with no financial value is sold for millions of dollars after it is used by Da Vinci and loaded up with artistic value and marketing. Well, why shouldn’t an NFT avatar produced by digital methods be sold for millions of dollars? After all, the market is based on the balance of supply and demand.

What Does NFT Marketplace Mean?

NFT Marketplaces, specially created to buy and sell NFTs, are websites that you can easily access from any device with an internet connection. Since the number of these websites opened to facilitate NFT shopping is increasing day by day, NFT Marketplaces that want to compete with their competitors offer different features to their users.

Almost all of the marketplaces where you can buy NFTs or sell the NFTs you produce are built on a popular blockchain or started to be used in an integrated way with that blockchain. While many blockchain technologies require significant amounts of money, high-budget project investors prefer Ethereum, while small ones are more tend to prefer blockchains such as Solana or Polygon.

Things to Consider Choosing The Best NFT Marketplace

If you want to buy NFT and create a collection for yourself, you need to have detailed information about the NFT Marketplace you prefer. This is because the NFTs you purchase are completely unique or duplicates, which can affect your success. All Marketplaces have their own fees, different wallet options, different NFT collections, and many unique trading features.

We have listed in detail for you the factors that you need to review so that you understand which Marketplace you can choose. Thanks to the list we have provided below, you will be able to find the best NFT Marketplace for you.

  • Supported blockchain networks: Blockchain networks supported in a marketplace determine which networks you can access issued tokens. That’s why supporting the most commonly used networks for NFT production is an important factor. Among them are Ethereum, Solana and Klayn in particular.
  • Supported payment methods: When purchasing NFT, you will usually do this via cryptocurrencies. So supported crypto. The number of wallets and cryptocurrencies should matter to you.
  • Type of NFTs offered: There are many different types of NFTs available today. Artworks, memes, virtual lands, domain names, music, videos, sports memorabilia, collectibles, and much more. Having a marketplace offering you as many of these as possible will make it a much more enjoyable experience for you.
  • Gas fees: Platforms that charge low transaction fees will always be more advantageous for you, whether you are buying or selling the NFT you have minted. One of the important factors affecting transaction fees is of course the Blockchain used. For example, the Ethereum network requires higher transaction fees, while the Binance Smart Chain charges lower transaction fees due to its network characteristics.
  • People using the platform: Who will be presenting NFT artworks? NFT platforms that include celebrities, popular people on the internet or real artists become ecosystems where NFTs are listed that will create much more valuable and indignation.
  • Security: In order to prevent fraud in NFT marketplaces, a number of verification methods should be used during the registration process. Also, various encryption methods can be used to keep the network secure. A platform where many things are tokenized and theft of non-fungible tokens must be prevented, it must give confidence to users.
  • Liquidity / Market Volume: In order for an NFT to be sold at your asking price, you need demand liquidity to be willing to buy it. The more people using the Marketplace, the higher the trading volume and liquidity will be on that platform. This may make it possible for even highly prized NFTs to be sold. Moreover, the participation of more people in the bidding processes is an advantage for selling NFTs to great value.

Should I use a crypto wallet to buy or sell NFT?

If you want to buy an NFT or sell your digital artifacts as NFT, in most cases you will need a crypto wallet. Although the number of NFT marketplace platforms that accept credit and debit card payments has increased, you must have a cryptocurrency wallet to generate or purchase an NFT. MetaMask is the most common crypto wallet, but if you have certain reasons not to use MetaMask, you can also use Coinbase. It is also known that many NFT marketplaces accept payments by credit and debit cards, Nifty Gateway being a prominent example. Therefore, although it is not necessary to use a crypto wallet, it would be most logical for you to take a look at the payment methods section of the website you want to be included in.

How much does it cost to sell NFT?

Different platforms can demand different gas and carbon fees according to the characteristics of the Blockchain network they are in. In addition, the amounts requested by NFT marketplaces as commissions determine how much your total expense will be.

Can you only buy NFT with Ethereum?

Of course not. There are numerous blockchain networks that support NFT buy, sell and mint. These include Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Flow, and many more.

How big is the NFT market?

In January 2022, the total volume of NFTs sold on Opensea alone was $2.4 million. Considering the total volume of NFTs exchanged for the full year 2021 is $24.9 million, this is an incredible figure. NFT market continues to grow day by day.

Can I sell NFT without an Ethereum wallet?

Yup. Some platforms also allow you to buy NFTs with your credit and debit cards. Moreover, you can also shop with different crypto wallets on platforms that support different blockchain networks.